DeepCool UF120 120mm Case Fan Review

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Contents of the UF120 Box

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan

Here is the fan itself. The Deep Cool UF 120 in all it’s glory. I must say that while I’m not normally a fan of blue, this fan is rather striking in it’s appearance. The Off-white shell and inner blue impeller & blades strike well together to make a rather appealing looking fan.

A good mix up of colors that is much better than what I have seen in the past from fans like the Thermalright TY-140 or the Noctua P14 FLX.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan

A picture of the Deep Cool UF 120 from the rear. Here we can see the wires for the fan are actually black and grey. Though this won’t matter much as the sleeving is made of cotton and does not let any light through.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Cable Sleeving

And here is a picture of the sleeving itself. A dense cotton weave that holds all light on the otherside. The black connector is also a nice welcome. But given the ascetics of the fan; seeing a white connector wouldn’t have been bad either.

The Heatshrink is also tight in place and well secured. But not glued on. So easily removable if you want to mod this wire in any way.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Cables

Here is a picture of your main cables that are included. In the box. 4Pin PWM to 4 Pin Molex cable for connecting the fan to your PSU. 7v Resistor Cable to so that you can reduce the fan speed without software (Speed Fan) or hardware (a fan controller.) P.W.M. Y Cable for connecting two of these fans to the same 4 Pin or 3 Pin fan header on a motherboard so both can be controlled from the same source and operate at the same speed.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Screws

Here we have 4 Rubber Fan Screws which is Deep Cool’s second method of vibration reduction. These form a rubber barrier between the case and the fan so they can absorb and disperse any extra vibration. Whlie these are always a nice addition; a small precaution. If you take out your fans from your case to often, these rubber screws can snap.

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