Cyberpunk 2077 Touted as CD Projekt Red’s Next Blockbuster Franchise

CD Projekt Red is best known as the publisher behind “The Witcher” series of video games. The game developer is now touting its next blockbuster franchise and that franchise will start with the game Cyberpunk 2077. The game is something of a follow-up to a game called Cyberpunk 2013 and Cyberpunk 2020.

The developers say that the game will appeal to all gamers not just traditional RPG gamers. “Cyberpunk is our new Witcher 3, but even more ambitious. Our goal is to establish a new blockbuster franchise from the beginning. We work [in a] new universe, futuristic universe. We believe it’s very appealing to players, not only RPG players – but this is [a] true RPG, like Witcher, like Witcher 3, for mature audiences. It’s handcrafted, detailed, of course, open-world, with open-ended gameplay. Great game, more ambitious than Witcher 3, and we believe that we can aim [at] more ambitious business goals as well—of course, still having gamer-centric focus and quality focus as a main priority.”

Cyberpunk 2077 was announced way back in 2012 and six years later it still hasn’t happened. The reason is said to be staff that were moved to other projects like The Witcher 3 and building REDengine 3. A trailer for the game is expected to debut at E3 this year with a playable demo of the game also expected.

With the developers saying that the game will be a franchise, expect new games in the series roughly every four years. This is the timeframe that CD Projekt Red used for “The Witcher” franchise reports Screen Rant.