Crytek Demo Shows Off Next-Gen CryEngine

Crytek has announced the newest version of its CryEngine and has released a demo video of what it can do. The new CryEngine will be a scalable engine for use with all current and next-gen systems including Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U and PC. Being able to program for all these platforms simultaneously on the CryEngine will be a huge bonus for developers. This will replace CryEngine 3 that’s powered the Crysis Series, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, MechWarrior Online and other game titles.

Commenting on Crytek’s announcement, Carl Jones, Business Development Director at Crytek, said: “Since CryENGINE 3 was launched in 2009, we’ve dramatically changed the engine so many times, with so many major new features, it’s not the same engine anymore.  We have revolutionised many parts of the engine: we have overhauled our entire lighting system, built movie quality character rendering and animation solutions, vastly improved the speed and effectiveness of our Sandbox editor, and even our rendering has changed with tessellation, pixel accurate displacement mapping and now physical based rendering; all of this while maintaining our first principal: that making games should be real-time, all the time. CRYENGINE is a new engine from Crytek – and it always will be!”

The new CryEngine demo can be viewed below, but be sure to set the image quality to 1080 and watch it in full screen mode.