How Crucial Ballistix Memory Is Made

Crucial has unveiled a new video that provides an insider’s look at how Crucial Ballistix is made and the rigorous testing process that Crucial DRAM undergoes from design to delivery. This intricate and thorough process is one of the many things that differentiates Crucial from the competition. The video is worth a quick look if you have never seen memory being produced before.

 “Performance memory is designed to give gamers an edge in competition. This really boils down to two things: performance and reliability, and that’s exactly what we test for. This detailed behind-the-scenes video shows how we manufacture and extensively test each and every Crucial Ballistix module.” – Crucial PR

  • Lanka

    From industrial design student’s point of view, watching highly automated factories work is just mesmerizing.. And from tech lover’s point of view, watching how electronics are manufactured is awe inducing to consider how much work it must have taken to first come up with the design – and then factory that creates them non-stop.