CPU Price Shootout: Intel P4 640 vs AMD A64 3500+

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Graphics Testing


3DMark05 is a premium benchmark for evaluating the latest generation of gaming hardware. It is the first benchmark to require a DirectX9.0 compliant hardware with support for Pixel Shaders 2.0 or higher. Resolution was set to 1024×768.

3DMark05 GPU


3DMark03 is a collection of  four 3D gmae based tests.  Each 3DMark03 game test is a real-time rendering of a 3D scenario. It is important to note that these renderings are not merely animations or a set of recorded events; they are designed to function like 3D games work. As with 3D games, all computations are performed in real time. This is a critical part of FutureMarks philosophy of 3D graphics benchmarking.

3DMark03 GPU


 AquaMark3 is a powerful tool to determine reliable information about the gaming performance of a computer system. Again, resolution was set 1024×768.

AquaMark 3

After running all of the benchmarks over and over, and over….I played CS:Source for hours on end with both systems, and noticed no difference at all. I understand that benchmarks don’t lie (most of them anyway), but I saw nothing in either systems performance which left me disappointed (though i wish I could as at least I’d have an excuse for being so horrible at gaming). In the end, both systems performed very well, and i would have been happy having either of them under my desk.

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