COUGAR Launches The RX Power Supply Series

COUGAR announced the RX power supply series this morning that is aimed at entry level gamers and PC enthusiasts. The power supplies feature a nice looking black and orange-red color combination and are 80Plus certificated thanks to the 82% efficiency of the Dynamic Dual 12V design. The COUGAR RX Series is available now for $69.99 for 500W and $79.99 for 600W.

COUGAR RX power supply

Targeting the gaming fan boom after the big global gaming event, the COUGAR RX PSUs are rather humble yet more suitable and affordable to game newbies as compare to the PSUs that are focusing on high-end market of the business. The COUGAR RX Series’ classic color mix of black and orange-red gives a masculine and playful character to the product. Its 14-cm fan can leisurely bring out the heat with lower rotating speed, which means: much lower noise, and is definitely a luxury addition to products in this price range. Not to mention that this Ultra-Quiet Fan can automatically adjust its RMP according to its current temperature. Such a sweetie!


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