Corsair Announces New Lineup Of AIO Coolers

Corsair Announces H150i PRO and H115i PRO AIO Coolers

At CES 2018, Corsair expanded its lineup of AIO coolers with their most innovative entries to date, the H150i Pro and H115i Pro. Featuring an Asetek Gen 6 pump and a newly designed Corsair pump cap with 360 degrees of RGB lighting emanating from the logo and ring that surrounds the block. Corsair is outfitting their new H150i Pro and H115i Pro AIO Coolers with their high quality ML (Magnetic Levitation) fans to provide high static pressure and airflow paired with low noise operation.  Featuring a 360mm (H150i Pro) or 280mm (H115i Pro) radiator with high fin density, the Corsair H150i Pro and H115i Pro aim to provide excellent cooling paired with extremely low noise operation.

Corsair CES 2018 AIO Releases

The H150i PRO and H115i PRO are the first Corsair AIO coolers that feature Corsair Zero-RPM mode, which means the fans will completely shut off until temperature threshold is met, to ensure optimal, low-noise operation. Now, when users are in idle scenarios or using their systems for light workloads, they won’t have to deal with the drone of nearby fans.

Corsair was one of the first companies to really push AIO coolers and remain one of the most popular brands in the industry. Their latest release looks to improve things in terms of noise level versus previous generations of AIO coolers. Time will tell how the H150i Pro and H115i Pro fit into the overall landscape of AIO coolers, but I have a feeling these are going to be really popular with enthusiasts with overclocked processors who favor low-noise operation and solid cooling performance over insane cooling performance paired with intense noise levels. Corsair has done nice little touches on the H150i Pro and H115i Pro, too, like including nickel-plated logos on the radiator instead of using paint or stickers.

Both the Corsair H150i Pro and H115i Pro are now available from the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors as well as direct from the webstore.