Corsair 2GB PC2-6400 C3 DDR2 Memory Review

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Corsiar Brings C3 Timings To 800MHz Memory Kits

Frequent readers of Legit Reviews might have noticed that we have been using Corsair PC2-6400C3 memory in our Intel and AMD test systems for some time now, but haven’t done a full review on the modules. We have used Corsair?s PC2-6400C3 in a number of our recent articles ranging from Corsair PC2-6400C3 Memory Meets AMD’s AM2 Processors to Intel Unleashes Conroe: X6800 and E6700. We waited to do our full review on Corsair’s PC2-6400C3 modules until Intel lifted the embargo on their Conroe processors as many of our readers were waiting on Conroe performance numbers and AMD’s price drop before purchasing their next memory kit.  Now that AMD has their AM2 processors readily available and Intel is preparing to ship their Core 2 Duo processors to the market we feel it is time to give Corsair some much needed attention on one of their lastest memory modules. 

With Intel and AMD now using DDR2 memory on their high end platforms many consumers are left looking at DDR2 modules for the very first time.  Since both AMD and Intel chipsets support 800MHz memory enthusiasts and gamers should be looking at PC2-6400 memory as the speed grade to power their next platform. With PC2-6400 memory available at CAS Latencies of three, four and five consumers are left with a plethora of memory choices for their quest to purchase 800MHz memory.

To help figure out which set of timings are right for you ask yourself a few questions. Does money matter to you? If the answer is no then C3 memory is right for you and is the fastest 800MHz memory that money can buy. If you are on a tight budget, but still somehow managing to build a new computer then C5 memory is ideal. For the rest of us where we have some money and we want good performance levels C4 memory is where it’s at! Today we take a look at a 2GB kit of Corsair XMS2 PC2-6300C3 memory, which comes rated at 3-4-3-9.

Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400C3 Memory Kit

All of Corsair’s PC2-6400C3 memory modules are NVIDIA “SLI Ready” and come with Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) already programmed in the modules.  For this review EPP is useless as we used on Intel test system.  Right now Corsair is only offering one kit of memory in their 6400C3 series and that kit comes in the form of two 1GB modules. 

Key Features:

  • Memory amount: 2 x 1024MB
  • 240-pin Unbuffered DIMM 
  • IC Brand: Micron D9’s 
  • 800MHz (PC2-6400) Unbuffered non-ECC DDR2 Modules
  • CAS latency: 3 clock cycles
  • RAS precharge: 3 cycles
  • RAS active to precharge: 9 cycles
  • Black heat spreader for thermal diffusion
  • Latency: 3-4-3-9
  • Power supply:1.2 +/- 0.1V
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Datasheet

Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400C3 Memory Kit

Corsair’s TWIN2X2048-6400C3 modules is a kit of is a kit of two low-latency (CM2X1024-6400C3) 128M x 64-bit 1GB (1024MB) DDR2-800 CL3 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory modules that are NVIDIA SLI-Ready. Both modules are based on sixteen 64M x 8-bit DDR2 FBGA components. Total kit capacity is 2GB (2048MB)which is ideal for high performance platforms. Each module pair has been tested to run at DDR2 800MHz at low latency timing of 3-4-3-9 at 2.2 Volts. The SPD is programmed to JEDEC standard latency 800Mhz timing of 5-5-5-15-2T at 1.9V so you are sure that the system will post every time. If you happen to be running a motherboard capable of EPP it will automatically run at 3-4-3-9-2T with 2.2V at 800MHz thanks to the SPD. If you don’t have an EPP based motherboard you will have to manually set the timings in the BIOS, which is easy to do.

This memory is clearly designed with enthusiasts in mind, with Corsair claiming that their TWIN2X2048-6400C3 offers ample overclocking headroom, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to build the most powerful DDR2 based systems. Let’s take a look and see what these modules really run like!

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