CoolIT Announces Partnership with Corsair; Pulls Out of Retail

After Corsair’s press conference, CoolIT has now just announced their partnership with Corsair for Corsair’s water coolers. It is our understanding that this partnership will pull CoolIT’s brand out of the retail space and allow CoolIT to focus exclusively on R&D for Corsair’s retail water-cooling product lines. The first water cooler demonstrating this partnership is the Corsair Hydro Series H60.

Corsair's Andy Paul & CoolIT's Geoff Lyon Partners

CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology, has teamed with Corsair to launch a new liquid cooling performance platform starting with the Hydro Series H60. Additionally, CoolIT has worked extensively with the Corsair product team to create a new technology called Corsair Link, a software connected control system for case lighting, cooling systems, fans, power supplies and memory. Through this new product the enthusiast will, for the first time, be able to optimize their entire PC for their own performance, aesthetic and acoustic preferences.


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