Chrono Trigger Launches on Steam

If you played JRPGs back in the ’90s, you will remember Chrono Trigger. The game is a cult classic. Square Enix has now launched a version of the game on Steam for PC gamers to enjoy. It’s also a bargain at $14.99.

“As the story unfolds, embark on a journey to different eras: the present, the middle ages, the future, prehistory, and ancient times!” the game’s Steam description reads. “Whether you’re a first-time player or a longtime fan, this quest to save a planet’s future promises hours of enthralling adventure!”

The game was originally on the Super Nintendo and launched in 1995. The Steam version has updated controls, graphics, and sound. It offers the same animated cutscenes, Dimensional Vortex, and Lost Sanctum dungeons.

The game is offered for Windows PCs and you must have an Intel Core i3, 4GB of RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 530 and 2GB of storage space. Purchase by April 2 and you get a limited-edition version with some bonus content including five songs from the game reports PC Mag.