Chinese Website Leaks AMD R9 290X Benchmarks

We all know that AMD’s latest flagship single GPU card, the R9 290X, is around the corner.  Yesterday a Chinese website, PCOnline, published an early review that shows some very interesting numbers in comparison to the R9 280X, GTX 780, and GTX TITAN.  Several of the numbers make the 290X look like it should be a good contender in the market, while even beating the GTX TITAN in a few benchmarks, but there are some others that look a bit off.  Almost all of their tests were with 1080p resolutions, so with these benchmarks we don’t really know how well the 290X will perform with higher resolutions yet.  There is one 1600p benchmark in the mix, but that’s all that was up.  The power consumption and temperature charts are very interesting, if true.  Their power consumption chart is showing the 290X pulling over 60 watts more than TITAN and the power chart shows 94 degrees Celsius, which is quite concerning.  The test they used for power consumption is known to have inaccurate results due to throttling on NVIDIA cards, so we don’t know what real world data looks like at this time.

I guess take some of their graphs with a grain of salt and look forward to our Legit Review in the future!  Check out the gallery below for a bunch of screenshots that we grabbed from their website.

  • Brunell

    AMD lost me this time. Delay upon delay. And when it finally arrives, it will have insane prices just like nVidia. I´ve had AMD flagship chips for generations, but this is just silly. Nice to see affordable prices on the 280X though, but it´s a shame it isn´t an upgrade over 7970.

  • Mhamed Kaka

    Can’t wait, NDA lifts off 22 Oct!

    • Jeremy

      says who….lol

    • Rick

      NDAs are indefinite, meanign they dont go away until whoever holds them says so, and AMD has said nothing of the sort. Its all rumor, every last bit.