CES 2014 – EVGA Displays New TORQ X10 Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse and New Power Supply

Today at CES in Las Vegas, we got to speak with our friends with EVGA in their suite at the Ballagio about their upcoming products.  EVGA always has really cool and exciting products to bring to the market, so we couldn’t wait to see what they had in store.

EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon

The first thing that they showed us was a new series of wired gaming mice called TORQ X10 Carbon.  The main version of this mouse has a real carbon fiber body with a full metal base for solid construction.  The top of the mouse pulls off and you can add weights to it, should you prefer heavier mice.  Equipped with an LED that can change colors on the rear and on the scroll wheel, there is also a simply sweet 8200dpi sensor driving this mouse.  One thing that will help this mouse sell to literally everyone is the fact that it is ambidextrous and there are buttons on both sides of the mouse.  These buttons will only work for left or right handed and are controlled in EVGA’s custom software.

EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon

Here’s a shot of the software controlling DPI settings.


The name TORQ comes from the fact that it has a Torx screw on the rear end, which allows you to raise or lower the section where your palm will rest.  This will help provide a customized ergonomic feel to each and every user.

EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon

You can also find this mouse in a non-carbon fiber version for likely a few bucks cheaper.  There was no final pricing on these two mice, but we were told it will be competitive and out in Q1 2014.

EVGA TORQ Prototype

EVGA did have another prototype mouse out on display, which they were also calling a TORQ model, but it didn’t have a final name, final design, or final specs.

EVGA TORQ Prototypes

Here is a shot of how they went through their prototypes of both mice.

EVGA TORQ Prototype Stages

Next up we saw two new power supplies in the fully modular Supernova G2 line, a 750w and 850w model, which will help them bridge the gap between their smaller sizes and massive sizes.  Both are 80 PLUS Gold rated.

EVGA Supernova Power Supply

Finally, there was a universal modular cable kit that they’re going to come out with that will be available in Q2 for right around $80.

EVGA Power Supply Cable Kit