CES 2007 – Day Two Show Coverage From Las Vegas

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CoolIT Shows off MTEC Cooling Products

CoolIT Freezone

CoolIT Eliminator

CoolIT is a company that has gotten a lot of attention from CES goers as they have partnered with Dell for the new “Black Ice” systems. CoolIT was displaying several products, some of which aren’t yet for sale. CoolIT has slowly been making a name for themselves with their “Freezone” CPU cooler and more recently launched “Eliminator.” The Freezone and Eliminator may appear to be just another watercooling kit but the gang at CoolIT have added a little twist by adding TEC cooling. By utilizing a TEC they can drop the radiator temperature below ambient, cooling the water much better, giving you a maitenence free system that can cool better than any air and most water cooling systems.

CoolIT Aero

As you can see in this photo the cooling systems that they build are for real. That’s an Intel Extreme Edition X6800 Core 2 Duo clocked to 3.73 GHz at 1.47 volts (Core temp shows values 0.5v less than BIOS actual). While the CPU wasn’t running at an extreme load it was running the NVIDIA Adrianne demo which was about 20% load, enough for the not yet finalized pre-production unit to show off a bit. Anyone who’s overclocked a Core 2 Duo knows that these things get pretty warm over 3.2GHz. The CPU is running at 20c or 71F, which was below the ambient temp on the trade show floor. What’s more is that it had been running this same load for the entire time that we spent at the booth. As an owner of a fairly high-end water cooling setup I have to say I was extremely impressed!!

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