CES 2007 – Day Two Show Coverage From Las Vegas

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ASUS Has External GPU’s and Water Cooled 8800 GTX GPU’s

Asus XG Station

One of the big news makers from Asus for enthusiasts is the external PCI-E adapter for their laptops dubbed the XG Station. It comes with a VGA card already installed in an external case that has several features. The display shows you all the important information about the card like temperature, fan speed, FPS of the 3d application, and the all important clock speed. It also includes 5.1 channel sound built in. The dial allows you to adjust fan speed, volume, and clock speed of the video card! We saw it in action and the clock speed adjusts in real time without needing to leaving the game!!

Asus 8800 GTX TOP

For the enthusiast Asus now has their EN8800 GTX Top AquaTank cooling. As the name suggests this is part of the Asus “Top” lineup and is their 8800 GTX overclocked part. The specs on the card are 630MHz core speed and 2.06GHz memory. The cooling unit itself uses a PCI slot only to help keep it in place. It’s an all in one unit and will keep your overclocked 8800 GTX 12c lower than a reference designed 8800 GTX. You’d better hurry if you want to get your hands on one of these as they are limited to just 1000 units!

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