CellShock DDR2 1000 2GB Memory Kit

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Who Is MSC GmbH?

If you were to name names in the Memory industry, the top names on your list would likely include Corsair, Kingston, OCZ, Crucial and Mushkin.  These are long-time players in the industry that push innovation and that are all backed by incredible customer service.  Let me ask you, would MSC GmbH be in your list of names?  Maybe you are scratching your head if you are here in the US because you have not heard that name.  Let me introduce you to them.

Cell Shock Company Logo

This is straight from their site:

“MSC GmbH was set up in Stutensee, Germany in 1982 specializing in the marketing of semiconductor products and developing new electronic sub-assemblies.  Producing user memories in all variations and specifications for industry has always been one of MSC’s core competencies. And now, with the new CellShock series, we are applying the knowledge gained to DRAM memory systems for PC fans. We use special techniques for chip selection and printed circuit boards with enhanced layouts including exhaustive quality testing. We also have contracts with a variety of reputable manufacturers of memory chips and electronic components that enable us to access a wide assortment of applications for optimizing our products.”

Cell Shock DDR2 1000MHz Memory Review

This section of their auto-biography caught my eye:

“the test programs we use were developed by overclockers for overclockers. We give that extra performance and compatibility – not because of some advertising slogans, but because we have a genuine passion for high-end PC components. We want to make a believer out of our customers not only with our products, but also fast service and expert technical support.”

If you would like to read more on the company, or see their full line of products, you can visit their site here.

Though you may not have heard of them here in the US, MSC has been a European player for a while now, and we were excited to be able to get the chance to look at one of their products, especially when we read that they seem to cater to the enthusiast market.  MSC GmbH has developed a series of DDR2 modules called Cell Shock, and we have the opportunity to look at one of their 2GB kits on the test bench today.

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