BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Bitfenix Outlaw Good

I have to say, Bitfenix put a lot in to this entry level $49 model. The model I built will be updated with USB 3.0 soon. SoftTouch is a nice feature used on the front of the case. The mid-tower has an inverted motherboard tray. This leads to a lot of nice features by opening the case to natural airflow. Both the video cards (long ones can be installed) and power supply have access to the 120mm optional fans. The main door has locations for two optional 120mm or 140mm fans totaling 8 mounting points for fans. Optional liquid cooling can be installed as well. For the accessories there are a lot of screws and ties the come with the Outlaw. Also the Installation Guide is informative. I found the wire management to be easy due to the inverted motherboard. Contacting BitFenix was also a delight. Their support contacted me quickly. I sent several questions to support and they were quite informative.

The BitFenix Outlaw Bad

I was really hard pressed to find bad points with the Outlaw. I more so have personal preferences that may not match up. I love the BitFenix Logo and would have loved to have seen it in some fashion as a large graphic on the front of the case. I understand minimalists and those looking for a clean front would not want that, so Bitfenix chose a small sticker to place on the front if you like. I like hard drive cages that face toward the main door with a removable tray. Again, I see that BitFenix has the cage pointed to the interior, but it works for this case. I find it even helps with the cable management on the alternate side. This case is also not filled with lighting. In my opinion a case that does not have a clear siding doesn’t really need all the lighting that some other cases do.

BitFenix Outlaw Front Profile

And The Not So Ugly Conclusion

The BitFenix Outlaw dares to change standards as an entry level product. It not only succeeds but has made me a fan of BitFenix. At $49 USD there are some very understated cases that can be purchased. There are flashier cases that can be purchased at this range such as the Sentey Optimus. The Optimus took conventional means and made them flashy for this price range. The BitFenix Outlaw has made innovations out of the conventional. These innovations won’t break the bank when configuring a system by any means.

Legit Bottom Line: The BitFenix Outlaw truly made a simple but remarkable innovation by flipping the board. Sub $50 cases take note; it’s a good thing to be creative on a budget.

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