Battlefield 4 is Next Origin Game Time Title: Play Battlefield 4 Free for a Week


Have you been wanting to try out Battlefield 4, but couldn’t? Now you can give it a chance with the Origin Game Time event during which anyone can grab Battlefield 4 on Origin and play the full game with a credited time of 168 hours or the equivalent of one weeks time.

As long as the game is added to the Origin games library by August 14 at 10 PM PST will Battlefield 4 stay there for free. It is when the game is launched for the first time will the 168 hour countdown begin. After activation, the Game Time clock runs in real time even when the game isn’t being played. Downloading the game does not count towards the Origin Game Time clock. The full Battlefield 4 game including the single-player campaign is available to play for all Origin Game Time players. If you’ve got friends or family you want to play with, now is the time to share the Battlefield experience with them.

  • critofur

    I got Battlefield 4 and I COULDN’T EVEN FIND A SERVER WITH PLAYERS WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY BS “EXPANSION PACKS” – $50 is already a high price to pay, I’m giving up on EA FPS games for good after that crap. No wonder EA is one of the most hated companies of all time now.

    • 88rolling thunder

      From what country are you? Do you click ‘SEARCH FOR SERVERS’ & adjust its settings?

  • Terry Perry

    60$ and only 5-6 hours if you want all the exp. packs they can run well over 300$ the game is so demanding you need 8-12 gigs and a good Intel 4 core sorry AMD No. Get Wolfenstein it’s Very Long and Fantastic can play any 6900 or 600 cards you do need 45 g of HD and a Must only 64 Bit W 7-8.The game is well worth it.

    • Antonis Damigos

      It plays on a 427$ laptop (lenovo m490s) with med settings so why not AMD Terry? And FX octacore is more than enough fyi!

    • youlearnengrishgoodfromdebook

      Learn English.

    • Adam

      I assumed BF4 was built with AMD in mind. You know, with Mantle and all that..

    • critofur

      “Expansion Packs” – such BS. It already stinks they raised the mainstream game price to $59 in the first place. I was an avid FPS player all through Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake I, II, III, etc… Screw EA and their evil greed.