Battle Royale, Pentium 4 at 5.2GHz


 We’ve all probably heard that Craig Barret got down on his knees and pleaded for forgiveness after Intel announced it will not be releasing a 4GHz Pentium 4. AMD must have thought that was pretty funny, as the architecture that was said to scale upwards of 5GHz didn?t even get to 4GHz, but maybe the idea of Intel?s CEO on his knees was enough for them, I?m afraid we?ll never know. We?ll also never know whether the 4GHz would have been the pinnacle of performance on introduction, but will we? Well, getting a Pentium 4 processor to 4GHz is actually a lot easier than getting Craig Barret on his knees; it just takes a bit of effort. With the 600 series processors we evaluated a few days ago that effort simply meant upping the clocks to 4GHz, there really was nothing to it. So we?ll go ahead and answer that question for you; how exactly does a 4GHz Pentium 4 stack up to AMD?s flagship Athlon64 FX55 on the PCIe platform? “


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