ATI Radeon HD 4770 Video Card Overclocking Guide

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Overclocking The Radeon HD 4770

Radeon HD 4770 RivaTuner Overclocking

In our original review of the ATI Radeon HD 4770 it was found to have eight Qimonda GDDR5s (part number IDGV51-05A1F1C-40X), which are rated to run 1000MHz we cranked up the memory clock frequency to 1000MHz right from the start. The core clock frequency was increased from 750MHz to 900MHz and we ran the FurMark benchmark and stability test only to find that everything was rock solid.

Radeon HD 4770 RivaTuner Overclocking

The FurMark OpenGL Benchmark and Graphics Card Stability Test showed that the card was stable up to 915MHz on the core and 1000MHz on the memory. We fired up a few games and benchmarks and sure enough it was rock solid with no errors in the rendering.

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While FurMark would lock up at anything over 915MHz on the core clock, some games and benchmarks were able to run with full stability at a higher overclock. Futuremark 3DMark Vantage was able to run at 931MHz core and 1000MHz memory without any glitches and the scores were impressive to say the least.

  • Highest Frequency Reached With CCC: 830MHz/850MHz
  • Highest Frequency Reached with RivaTuner: 931MHz/1000MHz

As you can see the Radeon HD 4770 512MB graphics card starts out life at 750MHz/800MHz, but it has plenty of overclocking potential. With some voltage mods the Radeon HD 4770 the Radeon HD 4770 is likely to hit even higher than what we were able to reach here today.

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