ATI close to bridging PCI-E to AGP

 One area that ATI are receiving a fair element of criticism over is their current support for the AGP market. Whilst ATI’s transition to native PCI Express parts has seen their OEM business do fairly well, since the technologies introduction ATI haven’t yet released any further AGP graphics configurations; in fact this year they have produced seven desktop ASIC’s and only one of which, R420, has been available for AGP. During the conference call ATI’s CEO noted that they still prefer native solutions in both PCI Express and AGP (potentially leaving the door open for more AGP ASIC’s) but acknowledged that they will have a bridge to enable a PCI Express chip to operate in an AGP platform within ‘the next couple of months’. ATI have long since stated that such a bridge would be produced, however they have been fairly coy over its eventual introduction timeframe. “


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