ASUS’s AGEIA PhysX P1 Card

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Screen Shots: CellFactor

CellFactor is a demo developed just for the AGEIA PhysX card. This demo can not run without the PhysX card installed, so we can only show screen shots showing the performance with the PhysX rendering.

Gravitational Energy

The CellFactor demo contains gravitational energy boxes throughout the map and if you shoot them, a gravitational energy force suspends above the ground and all the loose objects around are drawn to the force. As the objects are moving toward the gravitational force, they are also interacting with eachother.

Shooting Objects

Shooting individual objects in CellFactor react much like they would in real life. The first screen shot shows us shooting at a falling object and variables like speed and the angle at which the bullet hits the object played a role in how the object reacted. In real life when you toss up a beer can and shoot it the trajectory of the can will be greatly impacted.  Now in gaming we can do the same thing! The second screenshot shows dangling straps reacting to a bullet by waving around. This screen shot also shows a minor bug in game play as the straps actually go through the concrete archway instead of bending where the edge of the wall is.


Throwing a few grenades around result in objects and debris flying through the air and then bouncing off other objects and the ground. Something we noticed in CellFactor about grenade blasts that we can see the individual pieces of debris get expelled from the blast point, as opposed to just watching a big ball of fire and little or no debris that we see in most games out today.


One last effect we noticed was how this liquid moved after we shot certain barrels. It didn’t move a whole lot, but it was a glimpse at the possibilities the gaming developers can utilize in future titles with the PhysX card. I look forward to seeing amazing ripples when I fire bullets into streams and lakes or watch flowing water react if I throw a box in the middle of a creek!

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