ASUS Makes Another Push for EEBox PCs with New EB1037

ASUS EB1037We are getting reports that ASUS is planning on launching their latest EEBox PC, the ASUS EB1037, to European users shortly. Even with the relatively slow market for small form factor desktop PCs, ASUS seems confident that the EB1037 will be the perfect mix of performance and style. The EB1037 is powered by an Intel Celeron J1900 Processor and can be equipped with up to 8 GB of ram and 1TB of storage.  Running Windows 8.1, the EB1037 can use either it’s built-in Gigabit Ethernet or the 802.11ac WiFi to connect to local network.  With its USB 3.0 ports and built-in Card Reader, this EEBox seems ready to be deployed in almost any home or office environment. No pricing has been announced yet, but we imagine we are only days away from hearing something official from ASUS.