ASUS Lion Square CPU Cooler Review

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Getting To Know The ASUS Lion Square CPU Cooler

ASUS Lion Square CPU Cooler


The ASUS Lion Square is named after the legend of the Sword Lion, which is the emblem of strength, courage and good fortune. The unique design features 8mm diameter heat pipes that originate from the bottom of the cooler for heat conduction and adds to the shield design with the ends of the heat pipes poking through the top of the cooler cover that mimics the shape of the shield. As the legend goes a famous general once led his armies to defeat a group of strong enemies after an invasion. The shields that were equipped by the armies were carved with a lion-tattoo and the swords were placed through lion’s mouth. Later generations believe that this lion-tattoo symbolizes Strength, Courage, and Good Fortune.

The Lion Square incorporates several innovative features that include a PWM function with a 9cm fan that automatically modulates fan speeds according to the CPU temperature (delivering quiet cooling at a mere 16dBA), while innovative assembly with specially designed spring screw and clips makes fastening easier than ever before.


  • CPU Support
  • Intel® Core™2 Extreme/ Core™2 Quad (Quad-Core) Intel® Core™2 Duo/ Pentium® Dual Core/ Pentium® D (Dual-Core) Intel® Core™2 Duo/ Pentium® Dual Core (Dual-Core) Intel® Pentium® 4 HT/Celeron® D
  • AMD Athlon™ 64 FX AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 AMD Athlon™ 64 AMD Phenom™ FX/X2/X4 AMD Sempron™
  • CPU Socket
    • Intel LGA 775 AMD 754/939/940
    • AMD AM2/AM2+/socket F(1207)/1207+
  • Dimensions: 126 (L) x 126 (W) x 144 (H) mm
  • Net Weight: 730 g
  • Heatsink Material: Dual-side aluminum fins + copper base + 4 x 8mm Copper Heat Pipes
  • Fan Dimension (mm): 92 x 92 x 25
  • Bearing Type: Vapo
  • Connector: 4 Pin with Pol
  • Speed: 2300 rpm ± 10%
  • Packaging

    ASUS Lion Square Box

    The Lion Square comes in a simple box with the lion’s head peering out of a window on the front. The rest of the box has the specifications and information about the Lion Square. Also I’d like to point out under the window on the front there’s a line of text, “Great Cooling Choice for Quad-Core Overclocking”. With a claim like that I’ve got my interest peaked.

    ASUS Lion Square Packing

    With the cooler pulled out of the box we can see that it is held nice and snug in a plastic clamshell.

    Whats in the box with the ASUS Lion Square

    Also in the box are the instructions, backing plate, and mounting hardware box.

    ASUS Lion Square Mounting Hardware

    Inside the mounting hardware box is the TIM, LGA775 brackets, and AMD retention bar.

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