ASUS Launches the RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 High-Power 3-in-1 Router

The ASUS RT-N12HP Wireless-N router managed to grab our attention this morning thanks to the extraordinarily long antennas included on this unit! ASUS wanted to deliver a router for home and office users who need wider wireless coverage and it looks like these massive antennas are needed for long-range Wi-Fi. The ASUS RT-N12HP high-power wireless-N300 router uses a pair of detachable 9dBi antennas and a unique hardware signal power amplifier to get the job done. With this setup, ASUS was able to extends Wi-Fi range by up to 300%! ASUS says this is also a 3-in-1 device as you can use it as a, access point, and range extender. I think this router wins when it comes to having the longest antennas ever seen on a router before, but if they increase the range 300% who cares? No word on pricing just yet, so it will be interesting to see how much this model costs!

ASUS RT-N12HP Wireless-N router

The RT-N12HP utilizes a custom hardware architecture that augments wireless transmission and signal quality with detachable 9dBi high-gain antennas and a discrete signal power amplifier. These create a major increase in 802.11n wireless coverage, up to 300% longer-range compared to standard N300 routers. At the same time, the improved hardware ensures a more stable and consistent signal. The RT-N12HP is therefore a highly viable choice for homes and small businesses that want complete coverage via a single networking device.


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