ASUS Announces Matrix R9 290X and Matrix GTX 780 Ti Video Cards


It looks like the ASUS ROG development team has been busy in recent months as they announced not one but two new Matrix cards. The cards are the Matrix R9 290X (AMD Radeon R9 290X) and Matrix GTX 780 Ti (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti). ASUS hasn’t talked about pricing or release dates yet, but they did release a large number of images over the weekend and a list of key features that both cards will have. The Matrix R9 290X and Matrix GTX 780 Ti both feature the same basic construction, with different PCB layouts reflecting due to the GPUs. We dig the look of the new black heatpipes!

  • DirectCU II heatsink technology: 20% cooler. 3X quieter. New black fins and heatpipes
  • CoolTech Fan Technology: Hybrid design for multi-directional cooling.
  • Memory Defroster: Instant defrost for LN2 overclockers. Say goodbye to cold bugs!
  • LN2 Mode / STD Mode Jumper Switch: Unleash the maximum GPU power.
  • Safe Mode: One-press VBIOS restore
  • DIGI+ VRM with Black Metallic Capacitors and 14-phase Super Alloy Power: 30%-less power-noise and 5X-greater durability
  • ROG Color-coded Load Indicator: At-a-glance GPU load level