ASRock ConRoe945G-DVI Motherboard Review

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The Tests: Overclocking

Once again, we did not start out with great hopes with this board just due to the fact that it is a budget board.  We were inpressed though with what we were able to do, since there were no adjustments other than FSB and memory dividers.  We took the board as far as we could with the stock multiplier of 9x.  We then lowered the multiplier to see if we could do any better on FSB speed.  In our case, we were unable to get the board to be stable over 299 FSB, no matter what multiplier we were using for out CPU.  With that in mind, the best we could do was 299 FSB with a multiplier of 9x, giving us a CPU speed of nearly 2.7Ghz.  Not bad for a budget board, but certainly no where near the speeds we can get out of this CPU.  Here is a screen shot of our best overclock.

asrock 945g-dvi

Let’s wrap this up!

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