ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI Motherboard Review

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The Conclusion

asrock 945g-dvi

Just like its Intel brother, the ASRock 945G-DVI, this board was intended to be a budget board, and that is something that you have to keep in perspective as you test this board, or any budget board for that matter.  This board was a solid board when at default settings.  The fact that it could not handle Cas4 settings was a little bothersome, but not something that is a killer for purchasing the board.  The lack of voltage options also was disappointing, but not that uncommon for the budget end.  All in all, the overclocking was pretty much non-existent, though you can get a little bump in performance from what is available.  Perhaps a  bios tweak or two could help in this department.

Once again, the added DVI riser card that fits into the x16 pcie sot is a nice bonus, and will certainly come in handy to those wanting to run a dual monitor setupsin their office.  This board was not built for gaming in mind, but it can handle it if you would purchase a graphics card to add to your system. 

The same minor layout issues on the Intel based ASRock 945G-DVI also plague this board.  But they are just minor, and after initial setup should not be a problem.  

ASRock has accomplished what they set out to do with this board, and no motherboard manufacturer can be faulted for that.  They wanted a small, budget-minded board that would be great for HTPC and offices, and they produced it. 

The Legit Bottom Line

Asrock has been able to bring to the market a budget minded motherboard that is perfect for HTPC and office applications.  They have also managed to do it for both Intel (945G-DVI) and AMD with this ALiveNF6G-DVI.  If you are looking for an AMD basedHTPC/budget board this is a certainley a board that could fit the bill, and a lower bill at that! 

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