ARM Announces Cortex-A15 Quadcore CPU

ARM has announced availability of a brand new high performance flagship CPU: The Cortex A15 MPCore processor. The new chip dubbed the Cortex-A15 MP4 hard macro, is a quad-core CPU that has been designed to run at 2GHz with performance pushing 20,000DMIPS, all without killing power efficiency. The Cortex-A15 hard macro’s development resulted from a combination of ARM Cortex processor IP, Artisan physical IP, Corelink systems IP and of course ARM integration capabilities along with the utilization of TSMC 28HPM process. The low leakage implementation, paired with NEON SIMD tech and floating point (VFP), keeps the CPU performance competitive yet still remaining balanced, letting it handle a wide array of tasks from uses in notebooks to performance-orientated networks and even enterprise devices. ARM has even gone so far as to already have announced the 12-track libraries and Processor Optimization Pack (POP)solution for their Cortex-A15 using TSMC’s 28nm HPM process. More information on implementation and configuration details will be presented at the Cool Chips conference in Yokohama, Japan, April 18-20.

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For SoC designers looking to make a trade-off between the flexibility offered by the traditional RTL-based SoC development strategy and a rapid time to market, with ensured, benchmarked power, performance and area, an ARM hard macro implementation is an ideal, cost-effective solution,” said Jim Nicholas, vice president of Marketing, processor division, ARM. “This new Cortex-A15 hard macro is an important addition to our portfolio and will enable a wider array of partners to leverage the outstanding capabilities of the Cortex-A15 processor.


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