Apple Filed for a Patent on a Pizza Box

When you think about Apple and patents you probably think about patents for phones, music players, and computers. That’s not all that Apple has applied for patents on though. The image you see below is for a pizza box and Apple has applied for a patent on it.

Rather than being a big cardboard square like we are used to seeing when we order a pizza, this box is a circle that is apparently for personal sized pizzas. The box is clearly meant to allow workers at Apple campuses to grab a pizza from the cafeteria and take it back to their desks to eat and work.

The patentable feature of this round box appears to be the series of holes in the lid, but the art from the patent application does show off several other features of the box. I would assume those concentric rings on the bottom of the box are meant to raise the pizza of the bottom of the box a bit so that the bottom doesn’t get soggy. Those holes in the top of the box are seemingly to allow the hot air to escape in an effort to keep the pie crispy.

I’m not sure that the pizza box needed a refresher though, I can’t say that I have ever had a pie delivered to my house that was soggy in the past. I have had the pie stick to the bottom of the box after putting it in the fridge to eat later. I wonder if this box would help stop that from happening. Apple’s patent app does list Francesco Longoni, the head of Apple’s food services team, as one of the inventors reports The Verge.