Antec Titan 550 Server Case

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True Power 2.0 PSU


Maximum Power 550 Watts
Switches ATX Logic on-off
additional power rocker switch
115/230 Volt selector switch
Special Connectors ATX12V 4pin/8pin
3-pin Fan Sensor
Fan Only
Transient Response +5V,+12V and 3.3V outputs return to within 3% in less than 1ms for 20% load change.
P. G. Signal 100-500ms
Over Voltage Protection
recycle AC to reset
+5V trip point < +6.5V
+3.3V trip point < +4.1V
+12V trip point < +14.4V
Leakage Current < 3.5mA @ 115VAC

 Spec label

Antec makes some of the best power supplies available, and in respect of price to performance, arguably the finest PSUs. The TruePower 2.0 is no exception when it comes to the TruePower line of PSUs 

The 550W TruePower 2.0 is ATX 2.01 compliant and features a 24 pin power connector, dual 12V rails, an included PCI-E power connector, and four SATA power connectors, the TruePower 2.0 should fill even the most power hungry systems needs. Using a bottom mounted 120mm fan as well as an 80mm exhaust fan, this is one of the quetest PSUs I have ever seen, Antec’s site claims independent testing puts the noise level at an impressive 20dBA, and I have no doubt this power supply is that quiet.  

Antec True Power 2.0

After removing the rubber band holding the wiring together, I realized how much I appreciated my NeoPower 480 and its modular design. The only negative I could honestly find with this PSU was the wiring, which was a bit of a mess. After the success of the NeoPower 480 and the popularity of modular PSUs, I confused as to why it hasn’t gained wider support, and even more confused at to why a company like Antec, which did such a great job with their modular entry, hasn’t switched all their PSUs over. Once I got past the wiring, the TruePower 2.0 was everything I though it would be. There are plenty of connectors for any configuration imagineable.

I’m not going to go into overall performance right now as I’m focusing on the case in this article, I am however working on a second review which will cover this PSU as well as Antec’s newest SmartPower. That being said, I think anyone who has used an Antec power supply will tell you they are undoubtedly among the best PSUs on the market, and I have no doubt the TruePower 2.0 as well as the SmartPower will carry on that tradition.  

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