Antec P193 Mid Tower ATX Case Review

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Antec P193 – Final Thoughts & Conclusions

What have we learned from our time with the Antec P193? It’s well engineered and Antec clearly had silent operation in mind when they built it. Having multi-layered side and front panels, speed adjustable fans and silicone dampeners throughout really goes a long way towards mitigating sound and vibration. The front door that opens 270 degrees is a nice tough but the lock on the door is a bit of a mystery since it really doesn’t prevent access to the power or reset buttons. Hello Mr. Power & Reset buttons!

Antec P193 Lock with power button

Moving the side fan outward from where it formerly resided on the P190 case did the trick and allows the use of just about any cooler without fear of interference (Antec claims clearance for heat sink fans up to 140mm). All of the fans run quietly, especially the non-existent front intake fans (ok, bad joke); although, room is given to add your own.

Antec P193 led

Easily accessible dust filters for intakes all the way around is superb and the layout of the interior with the dual chambered design, cable routing access holes and pre-installed cable ties make the construction appear to be well thought out. The exception to this is the absence of the access hole for the rear of the motherboard, but in the end it’s nothing a Dremel tool and 15 minutes can’t solve.

Antec P193 open filters

The interior is not painted which will annoy some of the more image-conscious builders, but the absence of a case window really makes this a moot point even though we have seen more and more budget cases sporting this feature – case window or not. There are other thoughtful features, such as the storage case mounted on the upper HDD cage, that more than make up for this, what some may perceive as, shortcoming.

Antec P193

In all, we find very little to criticize and much to praise. At $175, there is enough value to justify the cost. The amount of spare parts provided such as screws and cable ties alone add often overlooked value, and Antec’s reputation for quality gives the builder added peace of mind.

Antec P193 power button

Legit Bottom Line: Antec has built a very solid mid tower case with the P193 and we expect no less from them, especially when they started with an already popular design in the P190. Quiet operation, solid construction, thoughtful accouterments and a roomy interior make this case an excellent choice for those looking for a mid tower chassis with a reasonable price tag.

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