Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts

System Installed in the Antec P190

The Antec P190 is a great case for a machine that won’t be hauled around much. Weighing in at nearly 60 pounds it makes you think twice about moving far distances. Heavy-duty caster wheels could be a nice addition to help with moving it around. Aside from the weight the case is great. The case has plenty of fans to keep those critical hardware parts cool, but at the same time keep the noise level of the system low. The case also is designed with water cooling in mind, so if you get urge to jump to water cooling it is possible with the Antec P190.

Installing parts into the P190 was very easy and pleasant. Not one sharp edge could be found in the Antec P190 as if an edge is meant to have a cable on or near it has been rounded over or smoothed. Routing cables was easy even for a cable hiding novice such as myself. Loads of room to work, with me using mATX case for the last few years I had just about forgot what it was like to work in a large case.

Antec took many steps to make sure that the case could be kept quiet, from rubber mounting the drives to the felt and silicon padding to the sound deadening side panels. Granted a lot of this can be removed to make the case lighter but at the cost of it getting noisier.

I know you’re thinking to yourself “But it’s a $300 case” well lets look at what you get for that money. You get a very well built case, built well enough it could be used for decades if needed. If you look at the P182 which is like the P190’s little brother and case cost $140 with 3 fans and no PSU. The P190 also comes with a dual PSU arrangement with a total power of 1200 watts, last time I looked a 1000+ watt PSU wasn’t cheap up around $300 or more. So, in a way Antec has done a good thing here. Made a nice package deal that has everything you need so you do not have to get a part here and there down the road

Bottom Line: If you have the need for a big case with loads of power; then with a thick enough wallet, and a strong back the the P190 from Antec will leave you very happy.

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