Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Upper Chamber Continued

Antec P190 Upper Drive Cage

Looking towards the front of the case we can see the upper drive cage. The upper drive cage has multiple configurations depending on your needs. 

Antec P190 Drive Cage Fan Mounting Option

You can have a 120mm fan clipped to the cage to blow onto the video cards. Down side to this is that you can not have hard drives installed into the cage if you chose this configuration.

Antec P190 Front Fan Mount

You can how ever install a 120mm fan in front of the cage. If you take the cage out you can see the fan mount. This mount slides out towards the side of the case. Install the fan in the mount and put it all back in the case.

Antec P190 Full Lenght Card Support

Also for those who have the pleasure of owning a full length cards Antec had provided you with a card stabilizer mount. This mounts to the drive cage and has fingers that mount to it to hold the ends of the card in place. The only gripe I have about this is that the block that is attached to the drive cage makes it annoying to get to the drive release clips, but this is out weighed by the having the ability to keep the long cards stable.

Antec P190 Drive Cage

I’d also like to point out that the drive cages have couple nice noise reducing features. The drives are all rubber grommet shock mounted to the drive tray. The cage pull rings have retainer clips to keep them from vibrating and the drive cage guide rails are plastic, so no metal to metal to rub and squeak. The cages are also locked in place with a thumb screw.

Antec P190 Top Fans and Snake Light

Looking to the top of the case we can see the top dual 140mm fans, rear 120mm fan and the most pointless thing in this case, the white LED snake light. Antec says this is for when you’re working on your system so you can see what you’re doing. Not sure about you, but when I work on the inside of my system it’s usually turned off; and if it’s off how is the light going to work?

Back of the Antec P190 Motherboard tray

Spinning the case around we can see the back side of the motherboard tray, which is unfortunately not removable. Antec has designed in several places to run wire through for the ‘clean’ look. So many that even a wires hiding novice such as myself did not have an issue in hiding wires. Antec also provides several reusable wire ties, they are nice but I still found my self using a good old Zip Tie here and there. You most likely notice the 3 white horizontal strips in the middle of the case.

Antec P190 Side panel felt strips

These white strips are felt. Antec placed the felt strips on the case frame edges and the top and bottom door panel edges to help reduce noise from the door panels vibrating against the case frame.

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