Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Outside the P190 Continued

Antec P190 Front Vent Covers

The front vent doors are nice because they allow access to the vent screens with out having to remove the whole front cover. In this image we can also see the power button, reset button, front USB, E1394, and audio ports. Would have liked to seen these a little higher up on the case, if not on the top for ease of access; because with the size and weight of the P190 I don’t see this setting on the top of many desks.

Antec P190 Door Vents

To each side of the front door of the P190 is vented top to bottom. This will allow air to flow into the case with the front closed and locked.

Antec P190 Fans

The case comes with 4 side/top fans; one 200mm in the door, two 140mm in the top, and a 120mm in the back.. There are also a mount to add yet another 120mm fan to the front of the case, more on that later.

Back of the Antec P190

From the back we can see the dual PSU’s, the 120mm exhaust fan, the water cooling pass through ports, and the fan control switches for the top and rear fans. The expansion slot covers also have slots in them to allow for air to pass through.

Antec P190 Fan Controller

At the top of the case is the fan controller that controls the top and rear fans. Each has a high/med/low setting. At the low setting the 120mm fan is moving 39cfm @ 25dBA, on high its moving 79cfm @ 30dBA. The two 140mm fans on top are moving 47cfm @ 19.8dBA on low, and 94.6cfm @ 31.8dBA.  Now for what I hope was a cost savings to use miss-molded parts rather than recycling bad and remaking new, is the misspelling of the word rear, either that or Antec needs to have a chat with quality control. Now other than that the fan controller is functionally perfect.

Antec P190 Case Feet

On the bottom are 4 white silicon non marring feet. With the feet made of silicon they will also help dampen the sound and vibrations transmitted to the floor.

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