Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Packaging and External Impressions

Antec P190

The P190 comes well packed and one look at the shipping label weight and you can see why.

Antec P190

For some scale a shot of Nate’s cat on the shipping box.

Antec P190 Over All

Now out of the box and I first laid eyes on the P190 I could not help but here the music from 2001: Space Odyssey in my head, this thing is BIG. The P190 is 6 to 7 inches longer then most standard mid towers, is also out weighs its predecessor the P180 by 20 pounds. Now you’re asking yourself ‘why is it so heavy?’ well it’s due to the all steel construction, Neo Link dual power supply setup, and the sound damping material on the case doors. The doors to this case weigh more then my current mATX Centurion 541. 

Antec P190 Door Front

Too look at the front of the P190 it seams very simple, classy. Also provides a nice blank canvas for the case modder with the balls to cut up a $400 case.

Antec P190 Door

The front door is held closed by two small magnets top and bottom; they also hold the door open. I was pleased to see that the door would swing 270 degrees. So the likelihood of the door being snapped off is lessened tremendously.  With the door open you can see all the drive bays and the front vent access doors.

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