Antec Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming Case Review

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Inside the Nine Hundred Two

Antec Nine Hundred Two

The inside of the Antec Nine Hundred Two looks as good as it does on the outside.  The entire interior is painted in black that makes the case looks incredibly good.  The original Antec Nine Hundred case was only black on the outside while the inside was mostly white.  In my opinion, this made that case look a bit cheap.  It was still functional, but the aesthetics weren’t there.  The Nine Hundred Two doesn’t have that problem and looks professional through and through. 

The Nine Hundred Two is a case where the power supply is mounted on the bottom of the case near the feet.  Designed for Standard ATX, Mini-ITX, and microATX motherboards, Antec included a cable management compartment area where you can route and hide excess cables.  There is actually a surprisingly large amount of space in the case.  When you remove the right side panel, you can use the included cable ties to secure those extra wires that would normally clutter up the motherboard area.  Besides the two cable ties that Antec include, there are little hooks that will assist you in keeping your set up looking clean.

There is even an internal bracket in case you wanted to install another 120mm fan.  You can install this fan so that air can be blown into the case as a cooling duct to cool your graphics card or CPU.  Of course, this prevents you from the installation of any hard drives in this bay.  We removed this bracket since we wanted the ability to install some extra hard drives.

Antec Nine Hundred Two Flexi-Drive


Antec Nine Hundred Two Filter

Antec has included washable air filters located just behind the faceplate of each HDD cage.  Two come with the Antec Nine Hundred Two and are very easy to service.  You won’t need to disconnect power or data lines in order for you to remove these filters, simply unscrew the thumb screws attaching the drive bays to the case and slide the by forward.  Very slick.

Antec Nine Hundred Two 200mm Big Boy

The Nine Hundred Two comes with a huge 200-mm Big Boy 200 blue LED three-speed fan that has a control panel on the back.  This panel lets you choose the best speed (and loudness level) for your needs.  The panel also contains a switch to let you turn the blue LED on and off. These controls aren’t exactly easy to access once you have the case set up and in place under your desk so you might want to do some testing if you don’t have easy access to the controls.

Antec Nine Hundred Two Rear Panel

On “low” setting, the Big Boy 200 rotates at 400 RPM producing 24 dBA’s.  “Medium” has 600 RPM @ 27 dBA’s and “High” rotates at 800 RPM @ 30 dBA’s.

Antec Nine Hundred Two 3 Speed Fan

The two front and one rear TriCool Blue LED fans that the Nine Hundred Two comes with are 120mm x 25mm in size.  The front fans are installed so that fresh air is blown into the case. 

Antec Nine Hundred Two Flexi-Drive

Each of these front fans comes with speed control knob on the front faceplate.  The one 120mm fan at the rear of the case is installed so that the air will blow out the back of the case.  The rear fan has control on the common fan speed panel that we saw above. Again, there is “Low” (1200 RPM), “Medium” (1600 RPM), and “High” (2000 RPM) speeds producing noise from 25 dBA to 30 dBA for each of these fans.  These fans really put out a great deal of air and run quiet.

Antec Nine Hundred Two 120mm Window Fan

The Antec Nine Hundred Two has two locations for optional fans you can install as well.  You can put in a 120mm fan on the left side panel and also a middle fan on the rear side of the HDD cage.  The Side Fan location is perfect for those wanting some extra cooling to the CPU or graphics card.

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