Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh Portable Battery Review

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Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh Portable Battery Introduction

Anker has been making external battery recharging solutions for some time now, and is always striving to come up with innovative products that you and I will appreciate and enjoy.  Today, we’re going to look at an intelligent battery, called the 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh portable battery.  What’s intelligent about it?  Anker has incorporated a smart sensing solution to their 2nd generation Astro batteries, called PowerIQ, in that it can detect the device connected and provide a proper recharging solution to it.  What’s meant by this?  Some devices may only have an input amperage of say 1 amp, while other devices may need 2 amps to recharge quickly and as specified – This battery can provide just the right amperage to your device.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh Battery Box

So while we were in Las Vegas for CES, we ran into Anker’s display, in which they were giving out this particular power bank.  We wanted to take a look at it and see how it performs.  The model that we’ll be looking at is the black version of the 79AN7902 battery.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh Battery

This battery features a very minimalistic design with a rubberized exterior.  You won’t find any buttons on this battery, as it all works on a shake to activate system.  You’ll simply give it a little shake and you can either view the status of the battery’s charge in 10% intervals, or start the charging of your device.  You can also expect the second generation Astros to be 10% more efficient than their predecessors, which means more recharge power for you!

While charging your device, expect to get up to 2 amps output with Anker’s PowerIQ technology.  This battery will provide the maximum charge speed that it can to your device via this technology.

If you want to get your hands on the black 2nd Gen Astro 6000mAh battery that we’re reviewing, you can find it on Amazon for $29.99 shipped and it comes with a full 18 month warranty.  You can also find this same battery in green and yellow for the same price.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro Technical Specifications:

  • Model:  79AN7902
  • Capacity:  6000mAh
  • Output:  5V / 2A
  • Input:  5V / 1.2A
  • Weight:  135g / 4.8oz
  • Size:  93 x 46 x 25mm / 3.7 x 1.8 x 1.0in
  • Unit Recharge Time:  5-6 hours (1A input)
  • Warranty:  18 months

The 2nd Gen Astro is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices. The iPod nano, Asus tablets (not including the Nexus 7), the LG G2 and some GPS and Bluetooth devices are not supported.

Next up I will take a look closer at this battery and let you know how it performed for my daily use just after that.

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