Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Passes 15 Million Downloads in Days

Nintendo has been doing very well since it decided to start making mobile games. Super Mario Run blew up the sales chart when it came out in the past. It now appears that Nintendo’s latest mobile game is on a path for big success as well. The game is called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The game has surpassed 15 million downloads in the first six days of global availability. It officially launched on November 22 for Android and iOS devices. The launch for Pocket Camp was Nintendo’s second-biggest mobile launch ever putting it behind Super Mario Run.

Pocket Camp is far behind that first-place game. Super Mario Run racked up 32 million downloads its first week of availability. Nintendo’s other major mobile release is Fire Emblem and it reached 7 million downloads the first week reports CNET.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has players managing a campsite for animals. There are tasks and challenges that you must perform to update the comfort and d├ęcor of the camp to lure in more animals. The game does have microtransactions to speed up getting those upgrades in the game.