AMD’s Dual-GPU Vesuvius Card Coming Next Week? #2betterthan1

Legit Reviews was in San Francisco this week for the Game Developer Conference and when we returned to our room today we discovered that there was a package left for us by a courior service. Last week we got a package from Edelman that appeared to be the start of the #2BetterThan1 viral marketing campaign for AMD’s long anticipated Dual-GPU video card based on a pair of ‘Hawaii’ GPUs.  


The red cardboard box had no markings of importance on the outside at first glance, but then we noticed that FPS Delivery ‘Now the World’s Fastest’ isn’t a real company. Inside we discovered two cans of Pringles, a bottle of water and a letter addressed to yours truly.


All of the items were labeled with #2BetterThan1, so it looks like this is most certainly part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming graphics card. The bottle of water wasn’t exactly your average flavor from the corner store. This one was Waiakea Hawaiian Volvanic Water! This electrolyte rich Artesian Water is from Hawaii, which just happens to be the code name for AMD’s latest GPU architecture. Could this dual-GPU  that is code named Vesuvius be water cooled? It looks like AMD is hinting at something like that.


The letter that was orginally taped to the bottle was an invite to a secret mission that takes place next week. It looks like we’ll have a sit down briefing with AMD next week on March 25th or March 26th. We’ll be sure to give you an update as soon as we have been briefed!