AMD Vesuvius Dual-GPU Video Card Teased – #2betterthan1

We got an overnight package from UPS today that was a little different than the large packages that we normally get. This was a UPS Express Envelope that had a sealed brown paper envelope addressed to us that said it was top secret. After looking closer at the shipping label it appeared to be from AMD and not some crazed person trying to mail us Anthrax or some other goodness.


Inside the envelope there was a photo of myself that was mirrored so that there was two of me. On the bottom of the Polaroid looking photo was the line “Wouldn’t you agree that two is better than one?” I’m not sure the world or even I could handle two of me!


On the back of the photo it reads “#2BetterThan1,” which makes it sound like AMD is getting close to launching their upcoming flagship Dual-GPU monster with the code name Vesuvius. This card has been rumored for many months and we’ve told you about it back in 2013. There was also a blank, white piece of glossy photo paper in the envelope, but we didn’t see a hidden message there. 


The rumored AMD Radeon R9 290X2 or whatever it shall be named, will most likely be launched very soon and this is what looks to be the start of the marketing campaign for it by AMD and their PR firm Edelman. It also just happens to come a week before the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco next week as well as NVIDIA’s GTC developer conference called GTC the week after that.  Legit Reviews will be attending both GDC and GTC, so we’ll be certain to get to the bottom of this!

  • Coach

    The enthusiasts who buy these cards aren’t worried about that peak power draw Basroil unless it exceeds their 1000w+ PSU! 🙂

  • basroil

    Double isn’t always better though… especially a double 290X… That thing would have a peak power draw of over 700W, and average over 400W. Even the 690 would look like an energy efficient card.

    • MWisBest

      AMD Radeon HD 7990 TDP: 375W
      AMD Radeon HD 7970 TDP: 250W
      AMD Radeon R9 290X TDP: 270-290W (Can’t find anything definitive.)
      So I’d guess that a dual R9 290X would be something like 420W.

      You have to realize that powering 2 separate cards takes more than power 1 single dual-GPU card. There’s more drawing power than just the GPU chip itself on these things.

      • basroil

        Apparently you’ve never actually taken a circuits class. The numbers are pretty much all RMS, the true peak is often much higher for AMD (less so for nvidia, then tend to have better power management). Check out,3728-4.html , you’ll see that some 290X cards have almost 400W peak power draw! (as well as average power of about 250W)

        My estimates are more than generous, at 400W average and 700W peak, which is a full 100W lower than what crossfire 290x should have. The simple truth is that the 290X is a horrible card design wise, it just uses too much energy and wildly fluctuates power at the PSU.

        As for 450W max, the PSU ratings are for RMS, you can have several milliseconds 120% or more over the maximum and it should do fine. Just check Jonnyguru for their in-depth PSU tests.

  • David Yee

    Rumor you say?
    AMD Standmixer confirmed!