AMD Shows Off A-Series APU’s Performance Increase on Windows 8.1

AMD has published a new blog post celebrating the partnership and collaboration between Microsoft and AMD. Specifically, the blog presented data that showed performance measurement gains in a Windows 8.1 environment from AMD’s new A-series APU. 

The AMD A10-6800K offers a heterogeneous compute advantage of up to 13% against the >60% more expensive competitor product – and a gaming performance advantage of nearly 50%. Windows 8.1 is a free update for Windows 8 users, and can be installed through the Microsoft Store, meaning any consumer with an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) based PC can increase performance by nearly 10% simply through installing the Windows 8.1 update, and AMD’s latest Catalyst driver.  AMD + Windows 8.1

So from where does that uplift come? Our work with Microsoft includes development on the essential operating system “plumbing” that enables Windows to directly leverage AMD technology in order to run more efficiently. The two companies also cooperate on the development and tuning of the latest AMD video drivers.AMD + Windows 8.1

Of course AMD’s fast CPU and GPU cores contribute to high performance, but having software that is optimized to take advantage of the AMD hardware architecture is a significant advantage. Tuning our device drivers to simultaneously suit AMD hardware, software applications, and Windows 8.1 makes systems more streamlined. Take a look at some of the results that are available from day one with Windows 8.1 on AMD-based PCs versus our competition2:


It seems like with all of the NVIDIA news this week, AMD wanted to make sure enthusiasts didn’t forget about them – especially when it comes to Windows 8.1 performance.



  • albert89

    I think the performance increases are great, but AMD still need to do a lot more work in getting their APU’s equal to Intel. Hopefully that might be possible with the introduction of HSA technology in late 2013.
    I would also like to see AMD CPU’s using 24 nm lithography technology as soon as possible !

  • Paul Margettas

    This chart is meant for the un educated user. Intel may want a share of the graphics pie but it was never a high priority, but even then, the most games that people play on a desktop with integrated graphics are facebook and all the windows games.

    I call bull. shit.

    • Killian Khoo

      Actually what AMD want show is their IGPU performance against Intel IGPU performance ~

    • e92m3

      You’re an incompetent little dope. Please get an education before making any more comments, stupid child.
      The a series has ALWAYS been faster. Please go learn how to compile software optimally without asking intel how to do it and then return.

      • Paul Margettas

        my comment meant the comparrison between iGPUs. we know AMD cpus have faster graphics, but as far as single core/thread applications, amd lags behind. “incompetent little dope” is very strong language to use against someones opinion wouldnt you say?

        • e92m3

          Are you still asking and allowing intel to compile your software when you use said software estimate the relative benefit of IPC? I want you to explain how to code software to utilize 4 vs. ‘3’ IPC (it’s 4 wide issue in the modern arcs, another fallacy) effectively with a single thread and then tell me how the actual truth makes even the slightest sense to the general goal of optimized code.

          Here’s a little hint for you:
          There’s a reason HT exists. The reason is because the intel pipeline is essentially NEVER utilized effectively by a single thread. There’s always a free instruction or two floating around and we all know how poorly HT scales. Vm on a virtual core will demonstrate nicely how useless this remnant of the p4 era is.

          Anyone that uses cinebench to compare the ability of an arc to execute a single thread in a given amount of time is completely delusional. Firstly, cinebench is highly outdated in comparison to the r15 c4d engine and it’s also highly FPU dependent. You would expect such software to have an understanding of FPU modules capable of 2×128 OR 1×256, along with FMA4, wouldn’t you? Of course, intel wasn’t capable so no, no need to optimized for the superior solution, we will just compile cinebench with ICC and pretend it’s a valid benchmark.

          Also, don’t bring that game nonsense, comprised of incredibly sloppy code like skyrim’s rather x87 heavy engine. Microsoft told people to stop using x87 completely as it serves no purpose at all and it’s officially depreciated.

          Sorry if you don’t like the term ‘incompetent little dope’, but continue repeating fallacies brought on by listening to those who spend their time playing games and you will find I’m not not the only one who feels that my statement is apt, even if they aren’t willing to say it.

        • Justin Downer

          Nicely said bro

      • Calm down, idiot

        Holy crap, dude. I’ve never seen such an aggressive and condescending comment. On your period or something, psycho? Relax, bitch. You’re coming across as an angry little basement-dwelling fanboy.

        • e92m3

          Ah, I see, coming from an uneducated little cocksucker like you, that’s pretty clever. Nice try, microdick.

        • Claudiu Peagu

          And you`re coming down as a cum stain.


  • mr.cleaner

    So do the FXs benefit or only the As. It also be nice to see some actual games not just benchmarks.

    • Shortbusser

      It’s only the A’s, because it’s an integrated graphics fix, I think

      • e92m3

        It’s not a fix you foolish child, it’s called OPTIMIZATION.

        • Calm down, bitch

          Again with the general insults. You need to calm the fuck down. Also? Most assholes who continuously call people “child” tend to be fucking children themselves. Sort yourself out, faggot.

        • e92m3

          I’m far older than you, bitch child. Also, I know what I’m talking about.

          “Also?”, most people that lack basic grammatical skills are either completely imbeciles or…CHILDREN.

          Again, nice try but god damn you are stupid little bitch.

        • josh5087

          Ok man we all can tell you still live with your mom and hate the world. If you are seriously going to flip out over this then thats just sad. Im 16 and read this and I think you are pathetic. Grow up alittle. And really microdick? I used that when I was in middleschool. If you really are so smart and all knowing you wouldnt have to use words like that to insult someone so bluntly.

        • josh5087

          And im still laughing at bitch child. You are so creative.

    • SBrowning

      Agreed, this is 2013, game benchmarks are more relevant than 3DMark. Plus we have no idea if AMD “tweaked” aka cheated with their drivers either.