AMD Phenom II X4 955 LHe Overclocking Event

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Pictures and Conclusion

Here are a few pictures from Simon Solotko detailing the event.

Gomeler's benching setup at AMD

Here is my setup, 2 HD 4870×2, Corsair’s Dominator GT 1866C7 and HX1000, Gigabyte’s 790FXT-UD5P, and an iPhone.

Action shot of Brian/Chew*
Here’s an action shot of Brian/chew* preparing to pour some LN2.

Aaron, Vince, and Chris at AMD

Aaron, Vince, and myself standing around, looking busy.

K|ngp|n's AM3 prototype LN2 pot
K|ngp|n’s prototype AMD AM3 LN2 pot.

Vince and Peter inspecting the Asus Crosshair III
Peter and Vince inspecting the new Asus Crosshair III

Vince, Simon, and Peter benching late Friday nighta
After Brian and I had left, Vince, Simon, and Peter continued benching late into the night.


I had a blast visiting AMD’s Austin campus and burning up nitrogen and silicon for them. Judging by how successful the event was and the fact that K|ngp|n was so very close to 7GHz, I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar event occurred in the near future. I’d like to once again thank all the individuals I met at AMD, you guys were a great group of people.

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