AMD Phenom II X4 955 LHe Overclocking Event

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The Results

The entire event was riddled with shouts of “woah!” and “I can’t believe it!”. I haven’t got any results from chew* yet but K|ngp|n and myself have posted up our results over at I believe all of K|ngp|n’s results were on LHe and all my scores were on LN2, explaining the difference in clocks. First up are K|ngp|n’s results.

3D05 K|ngp|n

K|ngp|n 3D06 37339

K|ngp|n Super Pi 1M

K|ngp|n PiFast


Here were my results. Across most benchmarks I was roughly 300MHz lower on the CPU versus K|ngp|n due to using liquid nitrogen instead of liquid helium.

3Dmark 2005 Gomeler
3Dmark 2006 Gomeler

Gomeler SuperPi 1M

Gomeler CPUz at 6547MHz

For those of you that are interested, K|ngp|n’s thread at XS is located here. My thread at XS is located here, and my thread at LegitReviews is located here.

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