AMD Dragon Logo Made Public – The Replacement Platform for Spider

AMD has kept the logo for the Dragon platform very quiet lately, but they recently posted pictures of a banner online that clearly shows the logo. For those that don’t know about the Dragon platform it consists of a processor, motherboard chipset and graphics card that have been tuned to give you a better user experience. To be more specific the Dragon platform is a combination of an AMD Phenom II X4 processor, Radeon 4800 Graphics cards and an AMD 7 series chipset based motherboard. This platform is an update of the Spider platform that AMD launched a year ago to the month. The AMD Phenom II X4 processor is built using AMD’s new 45nm process technology and as a result has 30-50% better power consumption and higher clock frequencies. If you haven’t heard about the clock frequency improvements yet be sure to check out this article we posted yesterday afternoon.

AMD Dragon Platform Logo

The dragon is a legendary creature of which some interpretation or depiction appears in almost every culture worldwide. The physical description and supposed abilities of the creature vary immensely according to the different cultures in which it appears. However, the unifying feature of almost all interpretations is it being a serpentine or otherwise reptilian monster (or at least possessing a serpentine/reptilian part or trait), and often possessing magical or spiritual qualities.


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