AMD Catalyst 13.35 Beta Driver Leaked with Mantle and TrueAudio Support

AMD Catalyst 13.35 beta video card drivers that support AMD’s new Mantle API and AMD TrueAudio technology have been posted online to download by Toshiba! We aren’t sure if this is a leak or if Toshiba jumped the gun, but you can download the 316MB driver here.

AMD Catalyst 13.35

This is a pretty bid deal since this is the first driver to support all of AMD’s new features if everything is included. The bad news is that this is the driver is packaged by Toshiba to work only on their notebooks. If you know what you are doing, you might be able to get something to work as it leaves all the installation files in your temp folder, including what appears to be the traditional AMD installer. On top of that there is nothing to test with Mantle anyway as no game available to the public supports the feature yet.  The good news is that it looks like AMD is very close to releasing Catalyst 13.35!


AMD Catalyst 13.35 supports Mantle, HSA features, AMD TrueAudio and even has the new frame pacing solution for CrossFire users. If you are able to get this driver to work on your desktop please let us know!

2pm CST UPDATE: AMD said that this driver has no mantle components in it. We also spoke with James Prior (Global PR Manager, AMD) and he said that Mantle is on track for a January release. With only three days left in the month it means that some folks at AMD are going to be working late for the next few nights.