AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.4 Missing AMD OverDrive For Hawaii GPUs

AMD OverDrive gives you unprecedented control over your graphics card, but it only works when it is there! We downloaded AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.4 and noticed that performance tab that contains AMD OverDrive has been removed for AMD Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X graphics cards. amd-overdrive We contacted AMD to let them know that the tab was missing and they quickly responded saying that it was a known issue with the R9 290 series. The AMD Radeon R9 290 series uses the new Hawaii GPU with new advanced PowerTune settings that appear to be giving AMD some issues.  The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.2 Driver had adjustments for PowerTune on the Radeon R9 290 to help reduce the variance of fan speed that directly impacts performance results. Now in Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.4 there is no way to adjust the PowerTune settings as they have been removed. AMD hopes to have a new driver that fixes this issue out next week that corrects this blunder. The AMD R9 290 series are aimed at enthusiasts, so we are shocked to see a driver released that flat out removed the performance tab. AMD has released a ton of drivers over the past month and it looks like they have more coming.

  • Greg B

    I noticed this when I installed the 9.4’s originally. I thought that I had too much crap installed on my gaming PC and finally got round to installing Win 8.1 from Win 7 pro. However the Performance tab is also missing from my clean Win 8.1 install. I can wait for a few days for another beta. Don’t forget these are still ‘as is’ betas.

  • basroil

    It’s not an error, it’s a feature… A feature that kills the card for many enthusiasts

  • john

    I always wonder why anybody would install beta drivers and then bitch? It’s a beta driver you install it on your own risk… that a review site installs it I get but that you as a user would install it is beyond me…

    @ the PC – you have absolutely no idea what beta means or how difficult it is to get a driver right… so just shush it! Firing anybody over a driver glitch is stupid you loose so much know-how you couldn’t even imagine… business loss is huge, you’re not firing a burger flipper you know… but instead a highly trained & extremely specialized person… + beta errors are a given…(that’s what beta actually means… not quite release ready!)

    Having said that it is kind of embarrassing to release a driver like this but at the rate they churn out driver updates lately I think they’ll have it fixed in no-time.

    • basroil

      Why? Because features in beta drivers are almost always passed on to the WHQL. And in many cases these are “beta” drivers that are perfectly stable and just aren’t WHQL certified.

      • john

        Yes you’re certainly right but not the use of said drivers is the point of my comment but the bitching about it’s issues… You install a beta driver well you’re on your own, you essentially assume the role of a beta tester. If the driver fails write a bug report, put up a blog post, write an article about it… but being angry like some guys posting here(not the author!) is something I don’t really understand…

    • Drakkenfyre

      Betas are the ONLY available drivers for the R9 290 line right now.

      I think this is less a bug than an intentional change. The R9 290s have been having trouble overheating due to AMD’s insistence on using the stock cooler, something that OEMs have changed out on other R7 and R9 cards. The cards are overheating.

      I think the removal of the Overdrive setting is to reduce the amount of heat the cards put out, but it’s not been universally changed (maybe the people who still have the option still have some remnants from the previous drivers.)

      • Spazturtle

        Not true, there is one WHQL driver for the R9 290

        • Drakkenfyre

          No, there’s not. 13.10 were the first official ones for the R9 270s. Support for the R9 290s didn’t happen until a later beta version.

  • Zach B.

    It’s on my 290 too… Windows 8.1 w/ Catalyst 13.11 beta 9.4.

  • the PC

    lmao AMD fucking shit up again, just fire the whole god damn team they are a freaking mess and they know it.

    • Zach B.

      Missing a tab for some users beats overheating and destroying cards as Nvidia did a year ago, or by introducing artifacts into a new game such as BF4…

      Neither company has perfect/stable drivers, they both have various issues. Thinking one is perfect over the other is foolish and naive.

      • basroil

        Overheating high end cards with minimal overclocking is not a driver issue, it’s most certainly a hardware issue. The nvidia issue was fan speed related and only affected some makes when the driver controlled fan speed (not when you set a profile). It had less to do with hardware heating up and more to do with a fan speed setting error, changing drivers back solved the issue, changing drivers in AMD’s case won’t change energy dissipation without reduced performance.

        As for BF4 “artifacts” I can’t find anything on it. There were texture issues in BF3 for some cards in 320.18WHQL, but that was resolved in a matter of days. Considering that BF4 is very AMD optimized (for no good reason, they should have optimized DX11 paths for Nvidia and then spent the remaining time on Mantle, unless they actually think mantle isn’t good enough), glitches with nvidia cards are almost to be expected due to poor programming on their part.

        • Drakkenfyre

          End result was still cards that literally melted themselves. That was the result of the drivers.

    • Brian

      I hate how I can’t detect sarcasm on the internet. Like right now, I can’t tell if your just trolling or your actually a complete fucking moron.

      Incase you are actually that stupid let me help you understand why.

      1, this is a beta driver. Beta literally means “release with known bugs”

      2, overdrive is there for your convenience. No other competitors have built in over clocking tools. All that means is that if you do actually get this beta for some reason, you’ll have to stoop to the levels of nvidia and intel users who have to either manually over clock there processors or use tools such as afterburner for their GPUs.

      3, firing people over something this small is so counter productive. You would make a terrible boss. That’s like firing a busboy for dropping a cup. Not to mention mistakes in the tech industry are very common. How many much larger mistakes have been made by large companies such as google, Microsoft, or apple that have been looked past by you.

    • lolz fail

      LOL i completely agree with Brian – clearly trolling but you are actually a complete fuckin moron either way~ mommy must be proud of your pro nvidianess lolz


  • The Mac

    its fine on my 290 as well.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      And you are running Catalyst 13.11 beta 9.4 that came out last Friday? Beta 9.2 is fine. Odd as AMD disabled it, so if you guys are running 9.4 it shouldn’t be working.

      • NuBiXx

        My overdrive is there clean uninstall of old drivers.

  • Serpent of Darkness

    I have Beta Version 9.4, and AMD Overdrive is there.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      And you are running a 290/290X? Shouldn’t be!

      • Serpent of Darkness

        Tri-fire MSI R9-290x

      • Serpent of Darkness

        AMD Beta 13.11 v9.2 made Tri-fireX R9 setups unstable. v9.4 made it more stable, and the image quality looks a lot “Crisper.”