AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta V6 Video Card Driver Released

AMD has just released Catalyst 13.11 Beta V6 drivers for Windows! The only differences between these and the old Catalyst 13.11 Beta V5 drivers is that one reboot anomaly has fixed for those running a 4K monitor and CrossFire, and there have been performance optimizations with Batman: Arkham Origins. The AM​​D Catalyst 13.11 Beta6 Driver can be downloaded from the following links:

AMD Agent Ruby

Highlights  For the Windows AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta V6 driver: (comparing AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta V6 vs. AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta V1)

 Includes support for the new products:

o   AMD Radeon R9 290 Series

  • Performance improvements for the AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, AMD Radeon HD 7900, AMD Radeon HD 7800, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

o   Batman Arkham Origins – Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing improvements; improves performance up to 38% with MSAA 8x enabled

  • Total War:  Rome 2 – improves performance up to 10%
  • Battlefield 3 – improves performance up to 8%
  • GRID 2 – improves performance up to 7%
  • Dirt Showdown – improves performance up to 10%
  • Saints Row IV – improves performance up to 7%
  • Crysis Warhead – improves performance up to 4%
  • Dirt 3 – improves performance up to 7%.
  • Sleeping Dogs – improves performance up to 5%
  • Includes AMD Enduro profile update for F1 2013
  • Automatic AMD Eyefinity Configuration

o   Automatic “plug and play” configuration of supported Ultra HD/4K tiled displays

  • Samuel Waugh

    for me the 13.11 beta 6 improved performance dramatically!!! not only that but the stutter i was getting in every game is gone!!, im so fucking happy

    • Serpent of Darkness

      Basically, it’s a revision of a revision, but it has improvements in the games listed up above. One noticeable thing I’ve noticed from 13.11Beta v5. Overdrive and forcing the buffer graphic cards to hit the 99% mark consistently, doesn’t stall as much as previous drivers. Frames won’t stall, so it just keeps pushing out frames to the Primary Graphic Card. Before, the frames from the 2nd GPU would just stall, and you could see this when you tabbed out of PC Games. When you tabbed back in, it would display a frame so many seconds or minutes in the past, then go back to normal. Going back to 13.11 Beta v5. Only noticeable issue is that when you tab out, then tab back in, you can see a bunch of frames continuously overlapping one another like an electronic flip-book. It’s still something that needs to be fixed, but it looks like AMD is slowly getting there…