AMD Announces New Never Settle Forever Holiday Season Game Bundle

The AMD Never Settle program received an update today!  For starters any gamer purchases any AMD Radeon R9 Series product starting today (11/13/2013) will be eligible to receive a copy of Battlefield 4 with that purchase. This BF4 promotion is available at participating retailers and is limited, so be sure to check availability at the time of your purchase.


Next, AMD has extended the Never Settle Forever bundle to include the AMD Radeon R7 260X! This product will join the Radeon Rewards Silver tier, meaning the user can choose from two games free. This means they get to chose two titles from the following group of games: Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Sniper Elite V2, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon DiRT 3 and Thief.


This is the first time that THIEF has been included in the Never Settle Forever program! Thief is an interesting game title as it will be supporting AMD TrueAudio and Mantle technologies.


At the end of the day we are happy to see that the AMD Radeon R7 260X has been included in the AMD Never Settle Forever program! We are also happy to see that all of the R9 series cards are getting a coupon for BF4!

  • Rage Sr.

    this mine as well be false advertising the only card here thats even an acutal guarantee is the 260x i seen it had silver days ago but the R9 series is a complete sham for BF4 1 in 10 cards in the R9 series i saw came with BF4 most of the brands that were part of the deal never had any games supplied with it -MSI the hawk and gameing 270 and 270x never came with bf4 the xfx cards are registerd to aquire bf4. HIS the $179 270 came with bf4 but the $200 His 270 didnt the 270x did not the entire catagory of R9 in newegg was nothing but sole card purchace tiger direct was even worse only xfx cards came with it due to the registering of the card. Unless AMD just bought a buttload of keys and gave them out to the supporting brands this is just a joke as a promotion

  • bobmart

    this is the reason I wouldn’t go near AMD with a 10ft long pole

  • radu

    well I hope they will add something for the R9 280x soon!

  • Bryan

    Why did they remove farcry 3?

  • rob

    Very frustrating for those of us who already bought the cards previously. Nice way to screw us early adopters.

    • Zach B.

      Early adopters for anything always get “screwed over”. There’s always early bugs that the masses discover that limited closed testing misses, higher prices, less features/accessories/bundles, etc. Every company for every product has these “issues”, if you want to avoid it, wait a week or two.

    • Ryan

      Register your card, they gave me a code for Blood dragon when I bought my 7850 a month or so before they ever added it to the list.

      • BDK

        How? Where?

  • thadea

    So they take out games Im interested in and leave in games im not. Tomb raider is now gone, even crysis 3 was gone a while ago. But they leave in sniper elite, blood dragon and dirt3…-_-

    • N.Copernicus

      they aren’t doing it just to screw you. They have a number of game keys, if that’s what people take, then they run out. It’s not like they just hit a key generator every time someone wants one of the games and it may not be as easy or as financially feasible as you would think for them to go grab a crap load more keys, especially if they want to keep adding other games, like “Thief” which they just added

      • thadea

        Then perhaps they should change those games that have been there since the beginning of Never Settle Forever. I see your point with the main games, but the others havent changed since inception.