AMD Announces Mantle Is Delayed – BF4 Patch Now Expected in Jan 2014

AMD Mantle Logo

We just got word from AMD that their Mantle technology has been pushed into January 2014 and that there is no firm launch date.

After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4! We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year. – AMD PR

AMD showed a public demo by Oxide at APU13, so the API appears to be working and ready for launch. In fact, here is a video of the Oxide Games presentation where they showed a live demo of AMD’s Mantle API.

The first AMD Mantle game patch is still going to be for Battlefield 4, so it is likely that EA’s decision to halt BF4 development in favor of fixing bugs could be part of the reason for the delay. AMD announced in September that the Mantle BF4 patch would be out in December, so gamers have been waiting for this patch for many months. Let’s hope the patch comes out in January as promised! AMD TrueAudio Technology is not impacted by this and is still in development.


  • Will

    I’m willing to bet this has to do with Kaveri’s launch.

    • sp8rk

      At the end of the day Mantle is going to cost you nothing!!, if it gets 5% or 100% more out of your GPU and it makes playing BF4 more enjoyable cos you can select more render settings up to ultra, it’s a win scenario!

  • Serpent of Darkness

    I suspect AMD Mantle for BF4 will be released around the time when the new AMD Driver is released. I’m talking about the AMD Driver with Frame Pacing Support for Surround on all resolutions. Both AMD Mantle and the Driver are expected to be out in the middle of January 2014. I expect at minimum, a 50% increase in FPS Performance in BF4. That’s the worst case scenario. Best case scenario, your FPS will increase by what it is now, but it will increased be by a factor of 4x like the Oxide-AMD Mantle Alpha Video listed above. Since the Alpha Mantle with Starswarm was only a focus at CPU Optimization, high end CPUs with hexa-cores will probably see an increase by 5 to 6x at best. With Haswell-E on the way with 8-cores, AMD Mantle will increase FPS performance even further…

    • mrppo

      “I expect at minimum, a 50% increase in FPS Performance in BF4.”
      Dont set you bar to high idiot. I expect about 20% your asking a r9 280x to be 50% and beat a gtx 780ti?. You simply have no experience with computer. 50% is FAR off

      • Octavio Mancilla

        yeah 50% is crazy!!! that means a 7750 is gonna run like a 7850, a 7850 is gonna run like a 7970 and a 7970 is gonna run like 3 7970 in xfire!!! I don’t think so!… but i hope hes right lol

      • You obviously don’t understand the difference between high level abstraction APIs (DirectX, OpenCL) and a near bare metal API (Mantle).
        If the implementation is done right than a 100% increase if not impossible.

        • Andrew

          Thank you for pointing this out. The software looks very promising. I wonder if the software update will force our cards to run hotter? It’s certainly a possibility, but one that would be worth it, especially for that sort of increase of performance.

      • eurorootz

        45% on paper which translates to 20% to 25% in the real world if we are lucky. Still, I will take what I can get.

    • calmdownbro

      I think it will be a 10% increase at most.
      And then you know the drill:
      – AMD backpedals stating they never said any % of improvement, just that it will be faster. (And hey, it’s faster.)
      – People will get mad because of the marketing bullsh*t they started.
      – AMD fans will defend the broken proprietary API.

      And everything will wind down.
      Winner? AMD. They won a bunch of customers who expected Mantle to change the world.
      Loser? Customers, once again.

      • alehm

        We live in a world where people go nuts when a GPU is 3 fps faster than another and joyously sing how it destroys the competition. And usually those results are far less than a 10% gain and usually pay far more than 10% in price to have it. I would be happy with 10% improvement at no cost. I am holding out hope for 15-20% personally, but I don’t hype myself into mythical frenzy like a lot of compulsive consumers do. People need to learn to protect themselves.

  • geekinasuit

    AMD is not delaying Mantel, it’s the patch to BF4 that is being delayed, and the reason has nothing to do with Mantel but with unrelated problems with BF4.

    • iMonster30HD

      Nice, Mantel.

  • Gregster

    AMD must have known what they were getting themselves into with EA surely? Betafield is a great franchise and a game I love but broke is an understatement. Mind you, it isn’t like AMD themselves are great at keeping schedules, so not surprising this has been delayed.