Amazon Prime Video App Lands for Xbox

Xbox One gamers looking for something to do with their consoles other than gaming can now download the Amazon Prime Video app and watch movies and TVs. The app launched on the Microsoft Store on October 31 and is a free download. You do need to be a current Prime subscriber to watch video and TV on the app.

When the Xbox One X lands this month the Amazon Prime App for it will support the streaming and watching of 4k video content to your big screen. Amazon Prime Video isn’t as popular and doesn’t have the same caliber of content that Netflix offers, but there are some real gems on the service.

“Man in the High Castle” for instance is a fantastic alternate reality show. It gives us a glimpse at what life might have been like had Japan and the Nazis won WWII. Prime Video does support offline viewing of content for your mobile devices, so you can watch easily when you are on the road.

A Prime subscription also gets you free two-day shipping on orders from Amazon every day. The new Prime Video app is offered for Xbox gamers in Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and India says Digital Trends. The app is available in the US as well.